Traffic Control Services

Public Safety

Flagger Certification Instruction
GEC trains and certifies our team internally with class time and hands-on instruction.
Coordinating traffic flow and directional controls around construction projects and special event venues to reduce and eliminate vehicle, pedestrian and work crew conflicts.

Contractor Workers Safety

Protecting job site contractor’s construction workers and handling unique situations to support project management.


Sourcing teams of U.S. National Safety Council (NSC) Certified Flaggers and Parking crew, who are informed of project plans and specifications and deployed with on-site operational supervision from GEC Flagger Division staff shift supervisors.

On-Time Performance

GEC Flaggers are assigned projects and confirmed for each work shift. We implement a customized, purpose-designed, online job confirmation system, using direct messaging to all designated personnel for schedule confirmations – and reconfirmations – for every day of work. Our Flagger team members are pre-scheduled to arrive early on-site, equipped and uniformed for work. Lateness, no-call-no-show absences and/or early exits from work are not tolerated, and any employee(s) instigating those infractions are replaced in order to ensure the performance of Flagger services for our customers.

Job Site Video Briefings

Implementing a multi-tiered staff communications system to fulfill operations, the GEC Flagger Division produces detailed project and job site location briefs complete with video.

The completion and confirmation of these briefings are mandatory for all staff who will be involved with any facet of the project.

“Can-Do” Approach

GEC recruits, screens, hires and engages Flagger Division associates who present the customer-first, personable, can-do attitude necessary to roll up their sleeves and get involved on the ground to deliver traffic safety operations for job site contractors and project managers.


Radio communications play a vital role in managing a safe traffic mitigation team at GEC. Each crew member is assigned a 16-channel, two-way radio along with surveillance earpieces and a lapel microphone. These communications are monitored by on-site management and administrative dispatching methods.


GEC sources dedicated, year-round, regular staff for our teams of Certified Flaggers – Not temp staff or day labor workers frequently jumping from one job to another.


GEC provides Parking area management for concerts, fairgrounds, festivals, marathons and sporting events. Our team of U.S. National Safety Council (NSC) Certified Traffic Flagger and Parking crew safely mitigate traffic and manage unique situations to increase event registration, attendance and ticket sales.

  • Organizing more cars into more parking spaces for event attendees, ensuring guest safety during vehicle ingress and egress times, and eliminating pedestrian/vehicle conflict enables organizers to raise participation and ticket sales levels and make more money from each special event.
  • Team GEC has planned, executed and managed parking operations for shows up to 8,000 guests with minimal impact on surrounding road traffic during peak ingress and egress times.

Most events services companies do not take the time to develop and execute a more organized venue parking plan, but rather simply “wave and move along” arriving vehicles toward parking areas with little additional efforts, sacrificing available space and parking/ticket revenue, as well invaluable time and enjoyment of event promoters and attendees. GEC Venue Parking operations are conceived and prepared in order to promote public safety, accommodate more vehicles and ease guests’ time concerns. In our experience, smoother parking operations keep customers and guests happy on arrival, producing a Great Event experience before, during and after the show.

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