GEC’s extensive experience in providing security and other services for Fairgrounds events makes us uniquely qualified to fulfill the requirements for multiple event types.

The “inside information” our veteran staff members have acquired from working previous events will be invaluable in enabling them to provide exemplary service.

GEC will provide professional, clean-cut, and experienced security professionals who are familiar with the requirements of all event types. Our security staff will be made knowledgeable of all pertinent information including the location of exits, restrooms, power panels, first-aid kits and personnel, the security supervisor, and event producer, as well as the proper process for notification of emergencies.

Our staff will be prepared to work in and around livestock, horses, small animals, fowl, and other creatures that could be present at an event.

GEC’s security staff will work in conjunction with police and the local Sheriff’s Office, Fire District, emergency medical services providers, County Risk Management, Fair management, and any other law enforcement personnel present at the event.

From our extensive experience at other events, GEC has excellent working relationships with all these organizations. GEC staff will take direction from law enforcement personnel as necessary, working in tandem with these professionals to handle incidents and prevent potential incidents.

Immediately upon discovery of any security problems at your event, GEC security personnel will notify the County Sheriff’s Office and event management.

GEC security can be on staff during nighttime/off business hours and will provide a daily written report of all security-related activity from the prior evening.

Nighttime security will be provided to maintain a secure area for all vendors, entertainers, livestock, fish tanks, the carnival area, interior and exterior displays, and the facilities.

GEC security staff will notify the County Sheriff’s Office and event management immediately upon discovery of any security issues during the event.

In addition, GEC security staff will, as necessary, monitor crowds, check bags and coolers, and interact with guests in a professional and cordial manner.

They will provide stage security and security for entertainers. Security staff will be onsite at least 30 minutes before the event and will remain as long as needed. Security staff will ensure that gates and entrances are monitored and secured as required.

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