Gates and Ticketing

Large-scale events, particularly concerts with thousands in attendance, require airtight security solutions.

Since 2008, Great Events has been at the forefront of delivering expert gate security services, tailored to the unique needs of each event.

Download The Open Gates Brochure
Download The Open Gate Brochure

Primary and Secondary Screening:

Ensuring safety starts at the gate. Our primary and secondary screening processes are meticulously crafted to identify and prevent threats from entering the venue.

Primary Screening with OPENGATE:

This state-of-the-art detection system is integrated into our gate security services.

It allows rapid yet accurate screening of attendees, even with bags and purses.

By leveraging OPENGATE’s unique features, we ensure that long lines are reduced, attendees are processed efficiently, and potential threats are identified.

While OPENGATE is a tool in our security arsenal, its integration offers distinct advantages.


Its lightweight design and quick setup time allow it to fit various event layouts, indoors or outdoors.


OPENGATE’s accuracy in detecting multi-caliber weapons and IEDs adds an essential layer of confidence to our gate security offerings.

Detailed Traffic Reports:

One of the standout benefits of the OPENGATE system is its capability to provide detailed traffic reports.

This offers event organizers invaluable insights into the number of attendees and flow patterns, enabling better future planning and demonstrating the event’s success.

Such data can be utilized for future marketing, event sizing, and even for securing sponsors or partners.

Open Gates Detection SystemSecondary Screening:

Secondary screening isn’t a mere formality. Our security personnel are trained in detailed wanding procedures and thorough bag checks.

Every aspect of our screening is carefully coordinated, striking the right balance between security and attendee convenience.

Customized Security Plans:

Every event has its own unique security needs. We work closely with you to create a security plan that integrates seamlessly into your event’s flow.

Risk Assessment:

Our in-depth risk assessment identifies potential challenges specific to your venue and event type. From entry and exit points to crowd management, we cover all angles.

Strategizing and Implementation:

We collaborate with you to design and execute a security strategy that’s aligned with your overall event planning, ensuring a cohesive experience for all attendees.

Cashiers and Cash Control

Cashiers follow the cashier policies that we will be determined in your event’s Cash Control Procedure. Either the cash control manager or site manager will be present during event ticket sales. They will be working with cashiers and at the lines with guests to accommodate the movement of ticket lines. A change bank and extra tickets will be available to service cashiers.

We have been involved in major theme park ticket sales. We understand how to move these lines, and also understand cashier accountability.

Ticket takers will be watched carefully. A lead ticket taker will be assigned to supervise. Tickets taken will be audited to match sales and to prevent foul play.

Pit-pass sellers will be under strict audit to ensure accountability. Staff members appointed as sellers will be selected based on having a personality that is likely to increase sales.

We will work with event managers to track previous event’ sales and compare them to the present.

Cash Control Procedures

Cash Control balances the bank at the start and end of every shift, and any discrepancies are reported to the GEC site manager. Cashier starting banks are distributed according to schedule with each cashier counting and signing off on their bank.

Cash Control and the site manager will determine cash pickups and random audits. At the end of a cashier’s shift, a cash-out sheet is filled out by the cashier, audited by Cash Control, and signed off by the cashier. Cashiers will be held accountable for any shortages. We operate AM and PM cash control shifts. All cash is audited at both the start and end of every shift. At the end of the night, starting banks will be assembled, and the safe is balanced to bring bill denomination levels back to starting levels. This assures there is adequate change for the following day.

A daily report is created to reconcile all cashiers and tickets and to calculate daily sales. The event manager or Cash Control will be is given the deposit and daily report at the end of each night.

Cash Handling Procedure

Accountability is required of cashiers, managers, and the Cash Control manager. GEC has an extensive background in the entertainment industry and has handled budgets of up to $9,000,000. We believe that high-quality cash handling systems help keep good employees honest.

We have great trust in our employees, but in working with teenagers for over 25 years, we have learned that a system governed by accountability is far superior to one based solely on trust.

Cashier banks are set up at the end of each day. Cashiers will come to Cash Control and verify the bank and number of tickets. They will sign off on the bank to assure they are responsible for the outcome at the end of the shift. All cashiers will be responsible for any shortages.

Cash Pickups and Change Drops

Are held randomly as needed. Pickups and change drops can be frequent, with the cashier and Cash Control signing a pickup form. Cashiers keep the form as part of their bank to balance at days’ end. Cash pickups are done frequently, as we believe the less cash on hand, the less possibility for loss.


Cashiers are audited randomly. The procedure for Cash Control is to issue a new starting bank to the cashier, remove the existing bank to Cash Control, and reconcile with the site manager.

Unexplained shortages will result in restitution, police conviction, and suspension with termination if found guilty.

Before they start work, cashiers sign an agreement that they will be responsible for any shortages.

At the end of their shift, cashiers will be escorted to Cash Control, where cash, cash pickup forms, and tickets will be counted and reconciled.

Tickets are treated as if they were cash. If cashiers need change, they will radio Cash Control. Random rounds will be run to do pickups and change exchanges.

Why Choose Great Events for Gate Security

With over a decade of experience in event security, Great Events stands as the Denver Metro Area’s trusted partner.

Risk Assessment:

Our in-depth risk assessment identifies potential challenges specific to your venue and event type. From entry and exit points to crowd management, we cover all angles.

Strategizing and Implementation:

We collaborate with you to design and execute a security strategy that’s aligned with your overall event planning, ensuring a cohesive experience for all attendees.

Professional Staffing:

The heart of our gate security services lies in our professional team.

Training and Expertise:

Our staff has hands-on experience in handling large crowds. Their skills are continuously updated to meet the latest security challenges.

Customer Service Focus:

We believe security doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our team provides a welcoming presence at the gate, ensuring attendees feel both secure and respected.

Local Expertise:

Our understanding of local venues and regulations ensures compliance and tailored security planning.

State-of-the-Art Technology:

Utilizing tools like OPENGATE reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge security solutions.

Proven Track Record:

Our history of successful events speaks for itself. We’re not just a service provider; we’re a partner in your event’s success.

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