Our History

Great Events was started in 2008 out of necessity.  While managing concerts and other large events at Fat City Entertainment Greg Tomasello developed the need for temporary staffing. The service from these contracted temporary staffing companies was not up to the standards set within our operation, thus jeopardizing our image and therefore our business.

Fat City Entertainment hired many of the large staffing companies in Denver and continued to receive sub par staff with little customer service skills.  We also found that the intensity level and caring for our business from these contracted workers was poor at best.

So we started Great Events. We then began recruiting people that we had relationships with and took existing employee referrals of their friends. This has provided us with a quality staff. Our treatment and pay rates for our employees are the best in our industry. We believe you get what you pay for.

We treat our employees like we want to be treated. We find that a loyal, empowered employee gets more done with passion. We now staff small Triathlons to 9,000+ concerts, providing staff sizes up to 125+ to run concerts. We are growing because the referral from existing clients continues to spread.


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