A Picture of Greg Tomasello
Greg Tomasello, Owner

Greg Tomasello is an operations specialist with more than 25 years of experience in large venue management. He has directed major theme parks across the US and Africa, IE Raging Waters Water Park (San Jose, CA), White Water Canyon (San Diego, CA), Morey’s Piers (Wildwood, New Jersey), Boomers Fun Parks-San Diego, & Vista locations (San Diego, CA) and Wave House (South Africa) are to name a few.

He has directed the organization and training of staff up to 450 employees, mostly comprised of hourly teenage employees. Some of these parks had an annual attendance of 3.5 Million people and a $23 Million budget. He understands the effect an outside operator can have on the customer base. He also understands the challenges that come from working with a company outside your organization.

Service starts in the parking lot, moves to the ticket lines and then to the attractions. If a customer is upset in any of these areas they remain upset the rest of the day. We at Great Events of Colorado understand the importance of customer service. We have been the Duty Manger that has to deal with upset guests. In these tough economic times a happy customer equals repeat business and more importantly passes the word along of their great time to their friend. This critical communication chain can make or break a company.

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