About Us

Great Events of Colorado, (GEC), was created in order to fill in the pieces which other companies lack. The owner of the company, Gregory Tomasello, has a vast background in the entertainment business and accumulated ideas in order to make a better, more complete, company. His goals include but are not limited to: making the company personal-everyone is acquainted and is comfortable with one another…be similar to a family, provide good quality service, make the customer’s experience the best it can possibly be, have an absence of holes in the plan and the accomplishment of the plan, and make sure that things always run smoothly to how the client wants it to be.

In order to execute properly and completely, Great Events of Colorado sincerely brings their staff together and creates a family, which is being added on to constantly. GEC obtains highly recommended and experienced workers who have personalities of gold. The staff of GEC is unlike that of others.  GEC’s staff knows one another by name and is familiar with one another as well as comfortable with one another. There is no hesitation to ask for help and together they work at a team.

A huge difference in GEC’s staff is how the family is built. There is no advertising in order to find other workers. Each person is recruited from the inside out. Family is brought in from other workers such as Eldon Newton, Operations manager. His two sons as well as their peer group’s top friends are part of this large family. Each person comes highly recommended from the other staff members. Those recommendations are then brought in at the responsibility of the staff that recommended him/her. Slowly but surely GEC’s family grows and becomes united by close bonds.

This outward branching tree grows slowly from the center out. The staff has a tightly knit bond, which grows with each event, which is worked. GEC’s staff not only works but also has fun in an appropriate manner to the point that they look forward to working these events. With employees who are excited to work, with an incentive that is more than just pay, there is a higher probability of a better experience for everyone, especially the customer. Since GEC pays their workers better than other companies there is a higher level of respect as well as responsibility. When you pay a person reasonably you get their full potential.

GEC is very proud of its family. GEC is a company, unlike any other, there is more than money on the mind. GEC holds pride in the fact that they do a better quality job than other companies. GEC goes beyond the bare minimum and always reaches to exceed expectations. A common goal is to leave the event coordinator happy and satisfied. Through the grapevine of satisfied customers, GEC has grown slowly since 2008.

As a company just getting up on its feet GEC has yet to disappoint. This family is prepared to do what is necessary in order to ensure a good event, which runs smoothly and efficiently.

Great Events broke into the Fair Circuit with Arapahoe County Fair 2 years ago. We have worked closely with them and they have increased their reliance on our staffing each year due to our effectiveness.  We now provide staffing solutions for all events. This includes Weddings, Special Events, and the Fair.

Will the other companies have their owner on your site?

Great Events will.

Greg Tomasello will be onsite through out your event to assure his team executes.


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