Denver Area Security Services

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Providing Excellence in Security, Traffic Control & Event Staffing in the Denver Area

Locally Licensed Security Guards

Ensuring hospitality, residential and event safety. Learn About our Licensed Security Services…

Certified Flaggers

Crews are assigned to construction traffic mitigation and parking area operations. Learn More About Our Flaggers…

Event Staffing

Venue staffing for large-scale, high-profile events and community-motivated programs. Learn More About Our Event Management…

Great Events of Colorado (GEC)

Established in 2008, GEC is a dedicated team of events services managers who carefully prepare pre-show and put our boots on the ground during operations to plan, integrate and deliver robust staffing solutions for wide-ranging programs and clients.

Team GEC partners with organizers and promoters of Denver Metro sport, entertainment, corporate and civic events – and citywide accommodation and parking venues – in the planning and delivery of guest services, secure venue access controls, licensed security patrol and certified traffic mitigation.

We provide safe, cost-effective, time-efficient special event and ancillary services using a customized, systems-based approach with a personalized, family-oriented feel for each client’s unique staff team needs.

“On behalf of the entire Moxy Cherry Creek team, we truly appreciate the partnership with you. You are extremely communicative, and we appreciate working with you and our great partnership.”

Event Management

Our comprehensive services, featuring the advanced OPENGATE detection system, offer meticulous gate security, professional staffing, and expert cash control procedures, ensuring every aspect of your event is secure and efficient.

Traffic Control Services

Organizing more cars into more parking spaces for event attendees, ensuring guest safety during vehicle ingress and egress times, and eliminating pedestrian/vehicle conflict enables organizers to raise participation and ticket sales levels and make more money from each special event. Deploy our team of U.S. National Safety Council (NSC) Certified Traffic Flagger and Parking crew to safely mitigate traffic, manage unique situations, and increase registration and ticket sales for your events.

Venue Security

GEC recruits, screens and engages City of Denver Security Guard Licensed personnel for guest and residential safety patrols, and on-site operational support, at hotels and homeowner association (HOA) developments. Saving labor costs by assisting hotel general managers and HOA directors in the areas of complete property foot patrols, entryway and valet security, ID checks for food and beverage service, surveillance of quiet hours, and coordination of corporate and community events, Team GEC is a valued neighborhood partner working to protect public wellbeing and reduce crime, vandalism and loitering rates across the Denver Metro.

GEC coaches our staff and team leaders to be customer-focused, personable and reliable in executing
our can-do attitude and family feel to deliver Great Events for our clients and hosts.

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